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According to the new Covid-19 guidelines from the state of Rhode Island:

Effective Monday, December 20, 2021, Masking OR Proof of vaccination is required upon entry into the salon.

Masks are available at the front desk if needed.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. 


Scheduling & Hours

Our hours as follows:


  • Tuesday:                               10 am - 9 pm

  • Wednesday                           10 am - 8 pm

  • Thursday                               10 am - 9pm

  • Friday:                                  10 am - 6 pm

  • Saturday:                               8 am - 4 pm


When booking your appointment, we will be asking several questions to make sure your appointment has the appropriate time booked. Question may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • How long it has been since your last color?

  • Have you had your color done since we last saw you? If so, what product was used?

  • Is there any corrective color issue that will require additional time?

Preparation & Day-of 

Prior to Appointment

Before coming to your scheduled appointment, we ask that you please sign a consent form to ensure you understand the precautions we have put in place. Please bring the signed consent form to your appointment or email us at your signed copy.


Day of Appointment


Upon arrival at the salon, we ask that you please call us at 401-331-1115 from your vehicle. We can only allow the client scheduled for an appointment to enter the salon. If you have family, friends, or children with you, unfortunately, we cannot have them accompany you into the salon. This measure enables us to maintain proper social distancing as well as ensuring that we do not exceed the number of people permitted in the salon at one time. We will also be able to confirm that your stylist is ready for you to come in for your appointment.


Employees and clients will be required to wear a protective mask while in the salon. Keep in mind, if you have a cloth mask and you are having a color service, your mask will most likely be stained with color. Disposable masks may be a better option if you are receiving a color service.


Safety Precautions in the Salon

Entering the Salon

We have hand sanitizer that we will ask you to use when you enter the salon. You will also find sanitizer in the reception area and around the salon for you to use as needed. Employee and client temperatures will have to be taken upon entering the salon.


During this time, we will not be serving coffee and tea. Our reception area will no longer offer magazines as well. These items are difficult to sanitize.

Staff Precautions

Our staff will be sanitizing frequently touched surfaces regularly, including and not limited to door handles, countertops, service stations and chairs, keyboards, phones, light switches, faucets and sinks, toilets, credit card terminals, and writing implements. All equipment and stations used by stylists will be sanitized between guests.

For Your Consideration

Currently, we ask that you please not handle the retail products in the reception area. If you need any retail items, please let your stylist or the front desk know ahead of time, so that we can get those items for you.


Regarding gratuities, and to reduce the handling of cash, we encourage the use of Venmo, checks made payable to stylists, or cash tips be put in unsealed envelopes.

Changes & Cancellations

Prior to Appointment

Please be sure to give us at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations. These appointments are limited, and the time set aside is precious for the stylists and other clients who are anxious to come in.


If you are sick in any way, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have been in quarantine, we ask that you kindly reschedule your appointment.


If you have any further questions regarding the steps that our salon is taking to keep our clients and employees safe during this time, please feel free to call the salon.


We are so excited to have been giving the green light to open again. We have all been through a lot in the past few months, and it feels great to be able to get back to see you all again.


- The Coiffurium Staff

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